Buggy : V.4.1

Download the stable version from here

A sublime plug-in for CodeForces

This application is to assist a competitive-programmer in a CodeForces round. This application downloads all the sample test cases for a problem and runs a user's solution program on all these test cases so that no time is wasted on manual checking of the solution.
The plugin now also comes with a terminal tool which can be used to test a solution on multiple input files. This terminal tool may prove useful to problem setters.
For now the application is for C++ users only.
NOTE : Please try the Plug-in once before using it in actual contest to avoid any last minute confusions.
Make Sure you have read Installation and Usage very very carefully.


  1. Requisites
  2. Installation
  3. Usage
  4. Advanced Usage (from terminal)
  5. Technology Used
  6. Testing
  7. FAQ



  1. Download all the files from here.
  2. Run sudo ./install in the extracted directory.
  3. Open sublime. GoTo "Tools -> Build System" and select CF
  4. If you see Buggy menu in the menu-bar, installation is complete
  5. Change the template code by Buggy -> Template as it suits you. (Let the end-comment be there to show support :) ).


Advanced Usage (from terminal)

Technology Used


The program has been tested on Ubuntu-14.04, 64-bit

Refer to this post for more detailed explanation of the working of the application.

For Hugs and Bugs drop a mail at asimkprasad@gmail.com